Our investment solutions are based on two key principles: to offer best-in-class, high-quality investment portfolios to all clients, and to do so in a responsible and sustainable manner.


We offer services to private wealth, family offices, foundations, and institutional investors.


Our approach is simple:

  • Understand our clients’ financial needs and core values.
  • Design an optimal and diversified portfolio to attain our clients’ financial objectives.
  • Align and customize each client’s portfolio based on one’s own priorities and values.

Everyone’s situation
is unique.

And so is
your set of values.

Whether you are an individual, a family office, a foundation, or another institution, we want to understand you. Our commitment is to build the most efficient portfolio that will respond to your needs and objectives – both financially and morally. All our clients’ portfolios are individually adjusted and optimized based on your financial goals, in addition to being aligned with your unique set of values and sustainable objectives.

Our Investment

All our investment strategies are based on the same proven and rigorous investment approach. Our institutional-grade portfolios are built to have a strong sustainable bias, exhibit superior market resilience, and be composed of high-quality assets.

Sustainability: We invest for the future. We believe that great corporate citizenship is correlated with great expected returns. We target companies that have strong ethics, sustainable business operations, that invest in clean technology and that have a positive impact on their communities. Moreover, we make sure that your portfolio is aligned with your own priorities and values.

Resilience: We target investments that offer high potential upside with limited downside risks. Our portfolios are built to offer protection in case of market downturn, while allowing for optimal returns when markets are going up. Great returns with great safeguarding!

Quality: We invest in companies in which we believe in, that have great business models and that have shown a track record of efficient and robust risk management over the years. Capital preservation is of the utmost importance to our strategies, and we ensure that we fully understand and analyze all businesses that form part of our investment theses.

Our Process

Understanding your Values: Our proprietary framework is designed to really understand and integrate your values as a sustainability-conscious investor directly within the portfolio construction and optimization process – without compromising any returns.

Assessing your Goals: Not all goals and objectives have the same degree of necessity or certainty. This is why our goal-based approach is the most suitable and practical way to assess and understand your financial portrait and to attain your objectives, whatever they are.

Optimizing your Portfolio: This is where we build your strategy and we align your portfolio with your values as a sustainable investor to establish the most efficient and responsible portfolio for you. When applicable, we also optimize which assets to put in which account. The right asset at the right place!